Zoom on average mortgage rates in 2018

This year, a slight decrease in the average rates of mortgages was noted from the second quarter if it was not the case in the first months. This change can be followed on credit-immobilier.me.

Update of the average mortgage credit rate

There has been a steady, but moderately lower, average mortgage rate on various online sites since early spring. Indeed, the cost of credit remains more affordable a decade ago. Recently, it has been possible to define 1.46% nationally. This was due to the rise in the price of m2. Indeed, banks are in the habit of supporting the less good profiles to borrow at a rate that is suitable for them.

Average Mortgage Rates
Average Mortgage Rates

If the average rate of accession and rental investment is 1.46% over a period of 15 years, it reaches 1.01% for very good borrowers and 1.55% for the worst. Over 20 years, it rises 1.17% for the best and 1.72% for the worst. Finally, over 25 years, the percentage reaches 1.41% for good borrowers and 1.96 for the worst.

It is also important to know the average of the accession for the purchase of a housing estate only. For any type, the percentage is 1.46%. It is the same for the old real estate. By cons, the new is 1.53%.

Developments in regional mortgage rates

The real estate rate trend in 2018 is down. But that will not stay any longer. A change or an evolution is already in sight. It may be that these variations are introduced in different regions. Thus, before taking out a loan from a bank or any organization, it is important to go through the barometer of regional mortgage rates. Because, we must not remain without knowing that each establishment will define its own rates. In this way, we will be informed about any changes in the region where we are. In this perspective, online platforms such as will help to accomplish this process.