Common terms and of mortgage loan

how much do you know about mortgage loan terms? taking out a mortgage loan means that you need to understand the terms and understand what you are doing.

Common terms and of mortgage loan
Common terms and of mortgage loan


Just from the word insurance, this means that there is some assuring going on. Build trust with your lender through insurance.

lender insurance and borrower insurance are just there to ensure that both parties are safe if something is to happen. Charges that come together with the interest rate are insurance. different types include mortgage premium insurance.

Principal is one of the terms

you can’t leave out principal while talking about loans. borrowed money is principal.

paying up your mortgage loans can be easy if you pay extra amounts for them, mortgage principal. the faster you pay the lower the amount of interest gets.


You probably have heard about this a lot and still don’t get what it is. Amortization is the amount that reduces the loan balance. Achieve this by making extra payments for your loan. moreover the smaller the loan the less interest to pay.

Equity terms

the biggest thing that you can own is a home. equity is the value given to your home compared to the market value..howeve3r the values changes with time.

Enerst money

Taking a loan from someone they need to know they can trust you. This is the amount 0f money that you pay at the beginning. It’s not much usually 3 % of the total amount.


In a mortgage loan, the common paperwork is the title deed. proof that you are the owner of the house signed by both.


There is just no way you can pay the loan at once.  time taken to pay up the amount borrowed is the loan term. mortgage loans take eight to thirty years to pay.


approval is the words describing the time taken to get the loan. terms like the approved term can be heard when it comes to mortgage loans.

The approved terms the time that is agreed that you will take to pay the loan. the amount you will pay including interest will be determined by the approved term.

Closing costs

These are the costs that just cover up the whole process. Starting with the money for legal work, appraisals and credit report charges.

Credit scores as terms used

mortgage loans are also involved with credit scores .credit score is just the eligibility you need to prove to the lender when taking a loan. You need to be someone they can trust to pay up your debts.

Terms that matter most in mortgage loan should be important for you to take note of. understanding them is vital.